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In this shared tour To Tiahuanaco at 06:15 in the morning you will be picked up from your downtown hotel by our guide and bus depart. Along the way we will visit "Temple of Inca Uyo" or "Fertility Temple" in the colonial town of Chucuito.

Continuing our journey by shores of the Lake Titicaca, we arrive and visit to Aramu-Muru or "Hayu-Marka" in Aymara, means "Town of Spirits" outstanding construction "Inter-Dimensional Gate" (45 min time of visit).

After, we reached to DESAGUADERO, border Peru and Bolivia, where we will present our respective documents to the migration office; when we will be in Bolivia, our Bolivian guide and driver will be waiting for us to take us to TIAHUANACO, (45 min time of travel)

Once in Tiahuanaco, we have lunch and visit Puma Punku, Museum of Stones, The Sun Gate, Pyramid of Akapana, Monolith Beneth and others. Then, we will return to Puno, arriving at approx. 7pm. and transfer to their hotel.

NOTE: If you want to continue your trip to La Paz, It´s has an additional cost of $ 25.00 USD per person.

06:15 a.m. Pick you up from your downtown hotel in Puno.
06:30 a.m. Bus departure to Chucuito-"Inca Uyo"
07:00 a.m. Visit to Chucuito-"Inca Uyo" or Fertility Temple and the Small colonial town.
08:45 a.m. Arrival and visit to Aramu Muru or "Hayu Marca" and the view of the Lake Titicaca.
10:15 a.m. Arrival at the border of Desaguadero. Documentary step in the migration office of both countries.
12:30 p.m. (BH) Arrival in Tiahuanaco and visit Puma Punku and lunch in Tiahuanco.
01:45 p.m. (BH) Guided Visit to archeological complex of Tiahuanaco, The stone museum (Bolivian hour).
04:00 p.m. (BH) Return to the border of Desaguadero.
03:45 p.m. (PH) Arriving at the border of Desaguadero and departure to the city of Puno.
07:00 p.m. (PH) Arrival to Puno and transfer to your hotel.
The tour includes:
  • Tourist transportation. (Peru and Bolivia).
  • Guide (Spanish / English) (Peru and Bolivia).
  • Entrances to Inca Uyo, Aramu-muru and Tiahuanaco.
  • Buffet Lunch in Tiwanaku (Bolivia).
The tour DOES NOT include:
  • Others not specified in the tour.
You may take:
  • A water bottle (1 liter).
  • Abrigable and light clothing (in the autumn and winter afternoon windy (cold) and in the spring and summer wear waterproof jackets and umbrellas for rain).
  • Glasses, hat and sun block.
  • Personal backpack with the essentials for your tour.
  • Camera.
  • Comfortable walking shoes.
  • Snack, or energizing chocolate candies.
Important information:
  • Valid passports (with less force than 6 months) and Andean Migration Card.
  • For citizens of USA, Russia, Singapore and other countries from Africa and Asia: you must have VISA. If you desire get the VISA at the border you must present the following:
    • It is necessary to pay a $160USD VISA, in cash at the offices of migration Peru/Bolivia. (Take care with folded, marked, creased or broken bills, they need to be in really good conditi:ons)/li>
    • Two copies of your passport valid and you must present a visa application form with two color photograph of 4cm x 4cm.
    • International Vaccination Certificate for yellow fever.
  • We recommend you to get the VISA in your country to avoid inconvenience at the border.


Is located 20 km south-eastern shore of Lake Titicaca in La Paz Department in Bolivia, was an important Pre-Columbian archaeological site of Tiwanaku culture, Where are the ruins of the ancient city, known as: Kalasasaya and other important buildings; Puma Punku, Door of the Sun, Monolito Ponce, Keri Cala, Putuni, Laka Kollu, the Akapana pyramid and Wila Pukara, which served as residence to the priestly elite. Many constructions of Tiahuanaco architecture have not been maintained due to the low resistance of the adobe (Mass of mud and straw, molded shaped bricks) against severe weather conditions in the highland region.

Here you can read the information of the most important places of the ancient city of Tiahuanaco.

Puma Punku

Is a temple complex or monument that is part of the Tiwanaco, This Building is so unique in the way that it was constructed, shaped and positioned, and you will find incredible stones with perfect right angles, almost smooth as glass, as though they used machine tools or even lasers, evidence of ancient civilizations using modern technology.

Ceremonial Center

An important building of 126 meters long by 117 meters. wide, inside there is a large rectangular sunken courtyard that you descend a staircase carved on a single rock of six steps; it passing through a monolithic door, in whose center is the "Estela" or the "Monolito Ponce".

Gate of the Sun

Is a megalithic solid stone arch or gateway constructed by the ancient Tiwanaku culture. The large monolithic cover is 3 meter tall by 3.75 meter wide; its weight is estimated at 12 tons. The lintel was carved in one piece from a block of andesite and is fully sculpted in high and flat relief, the center is depicted the God of Varas.

The Akapana pyramid, or sacred mountain of Tiahuanaco

Is a much eroded, seven-level pyramid measuring some 200 meters wide by 17 meters tall. Nearby is the Subterranean Temple and the Kalasasaya, the Akapana is precisely oriented to the cardinal directions.

$ 120
1 person